April 27, 2004

The Quinn Garden

Well here is what I hope is a way to proudly show off the garden I (and others) have. Enjoy :)

Here is the first picture of the garden. This was taken 03/31/04. You can see that I don't even have the mulch down yet, bad organic gardner :(
The image has been reduced to better suit those of you with dial up access. You can make out the Onions, Broccoli, and Brussles Sprouts in the front of the garden (I cheated they are all from starters). Behind that are turnips and radishes, along the back trellis are Peas (all from seed). You can also make out the rain barrel I put in a couple of weeks earlier. Although you cant see it from the picture there are also Beets, Lettuce, Spinich, and Squash (all from seed)


This is a picture from the same weekend, We planted Lettuce in this pot the last year but it got hot and the Lettuce bolted to seed. I just let it go and then kept some of the seeds for planting this year. As it turned out I did not need to, these Lettuce plants (plus four others) came up in the same pot this year. We transplanted 4 heads of the Lettuce into the garden and thay all took. We got Lettuce out our ears :)


Well this next picture is amazing. This is the same garden shot on 04/18/04, about 3 weeks later. I added a trellis for the Soybeans (thats right I said Soybeans!), Cucumbers, and Eggplants. I think it turned out well. I als put in Carrots, and Green Beans


remember the broccoli plants I put it? Well we got our firt head. We planted about 8 plants, about half went to seed almost immediately. I let thos go, I figure I will get the seed for next year


You can start to see some of the radishes now ! I have already pulled some for a great salad we had, CRAZY TASTY!


Ok, here is the garden as of 04/25/04. May can those plants grow! My peppers did not do well from seed, so I cheated and got starters in this weekend. Also the Eggplant (2 varieties), Cucumbers, and tomotoes


Here is that same head of broccoli, I kid you not, This was taken a week later!


Now some of the turnips have started to head


And because I thought it was kind of cool, here is a close up of the water barel I put together


So far we have had seveal salads with Lettuce, Spinich, Peas, Beet Greens, Radishes, and Onion Greens all form the garden. I also made a Turnip Green cassarole that turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I never had Turnip Greens before but they we not bad at all

Anycase hope you enjoyed. I will update throughout the season
bye and good growing

Posted by torre at April 27, 2004 09:19 PM