July 19, 2005

Talk on "What is Organic Food?" on Sun., July 24

A friend forwarded me this announcement... you might want to check it out.

With USDA now setting the standards, it appears more a matter of what organic food is NOT, rather than what organic food IS.

Less Poisoned but Less Nutritious?

Eating nutritious organic food is high on the list of those of us who aspire to keeping a healthy body rather than merely keeping a full stomach.

Yet the corporate organic farm seems more concerned about what organic food IS NOT. The family organic farm seems more concerned about what organic food IS, including the nutrient content.

Unfortunately, family farms are giving way to large corporate farms.

Organic Farmers?

In the 1970s, environmental ideals inspired a large number of young people to enter the organic farming movement. But now those farmers are middle-aged.

Another surge like that of the 1970s would be a welcome source of young farmers to replace those who retire, yet it it not happening. Thus, the average age of an organic farmer is creeping up.

Young farmers?

The number of farmers under 35 fell 18 percent nationwide from 1997 to 2002, according to census data. Many farm heirs look at the family farm, then look at that land sold to a developer. They opt for the sure sell to the developer rather than the physical labor and uncertainties of farming.

Those who want to enter farming are now faced with outrageous prices for a home on small acreage, then must deal with or compete with big agriculture for sales and distribution.

More Food Imports?

When you buy organic produce, peek at the box. You will see that it is rarely local and much of it is actually imported from outside the U.S.

Every year more of our food, organic or otherwise, is produced by massive corporate farms and imported from countries like Mexico, Chile or even China.

Food imports are increasing nearly twice as fast as food exports. We are quickly losing control of our food supply.

What Can We Do?

Let Farmer Harold Brown tell you on Sunday, July 24. Farmer Brown was raised on a farm in Michigan which practiced sustainable agriculture.

He is traveling the U.S. to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable farming practices. Brown tells America what all of us can do to restore sustainable farming, reclaim our farming heritage, and retain control of our food supply.

Farmer Brown will speak and discuss two different subjects:

1. "The Truth About Free Range and Organic Farming" What is the real story behind all of the labels we see today: free range, cage free, free roaming, humanely raised, organic?

2. "Factory Farming and the Environment" What are the real impacts of factory farming on the environment and what is being done to remedy the situation? Learn what the alternatives are and what any individual can do to help.

When: Sunday, July 24

Where: Our Place Indian Restaurant: Private Room, 8150 North MacArthur
at Ranchview, Irving/Valley Ranch, just north of LBJ Freeway.

Schedule: Meet Farmer Brown at Lunch: noon -1:30 pm, Farmer Brown speaks: 1:30 pm.

Cost: $12 includes extensive buffet lunch, tax, tip, and select drink available from noon until 3 pm.

Website: http://dfwnetmall.com/earth/farmerbrown.htm

RSVP: Space is limited so please RSVP via internet at http://dfwnetmall.com/earth/rsvpform.htm or phone at 972 601-9032, ext

Payment in advance is NOT required; we just need to save you a spot to hear this sincere and knowledgeable young farmer.

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