June 18, 2005

Natural Urban Living Garden Show Today

Don't miss our free garden show today! The show features a plant sale (see list of plants below), a kids' room, speakers, vendors, and non-profits. You don't need money to enter or to park, but you might want to bring some anyway because the shopping will be great!

Click here for more details.

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June 08, 2005

Garden Show Plant Sale

Here's a partial list of plants available at our Natural Urban Living Garden Show. Quantities are limited so arrive promptly. The plant sale starts at 9 am on Saturday, June 18 (no presales).

Var. Solomon Seal
Cast Iron Plant
Dutchmans Pipe Vine
Black Magic Taro
Illustrious Taro
Leopard Plant
green leaf upright Caladium
Sweetheart Caladium
Candium Jr. Caladium
Blood Lily
Surprise Lily
Chinese Rice Paper Plant
Bird of Paradise
Hardy Garden Amaryllis
Chinese Ground Orchid
Cannas: Durban,Cleopatra, Pretoria
Banana Trees
Butterfly Ginger: white & pink blooming
Persian Shield
Var. Lantana
Var. Painters Palette
Strawberry begonia
Purple & Pink blooming ConeFlower
Hardy Begonia
Inland Seaoats
Oxblood Lily
Starfire Lily
Yellow Blooming Columbine
Japanese Climbing Vine
Crinum Lilies pink & purple bloom
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Yellow Bells
Tricolor Hibiscus
And more!

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