February 23, 2005

Southside Preservation Hall Plant Sale

I recieved notice that there's a plant sale benefiting restoration and maintenance of the Southside Preservation Hall and the Rose Chapel coming up in April. Here's the contents of their flyer. Sounds like fun!

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
April 21st , 22nd , 23rd (9am – 9pm)
Southside Preservation Hall
(in the air-conditioned Ballroom)
1519 Lipscomb St.
817- 926-2800
Once again, it is time for our annual plant sale, specializing in Perennials (the kind of plants that come back year after year), Herbs, Vegetables, Specialty Annuals, and Antique Roses.

We will have a limited supply of the wonderful ANTIQUE PETUNIAS! These are the old-fashioned favorites that reseed freely and thrive in our blast-furnace summers. And…they have a wonderful, sweet fragrance. We will also have WAVE PETUNIAS!

Perennials – We specialize in only the plants that really work in the DFW area . These perennials will come back year after year…the list is too large to list in its’ entirety…. Here are a few…. Lots of Texas Natives …Texas Gold Columbine…Purple cone flower, Old Fashioned Hollyhocks…. Bay Laurel trees… …..AND MUCH MORE!

Antique Roses – from the Antique Rose Emporium – we will have a large assortment of two-gallon beauties. We will take advance orders of 6 or more roses. All advance orders must be prepaid.

Specialty Annuals Cleome , Cosmos , and Gomphrena .

Herbs…. Food always taste better made with fresh herbs , and we will have a large assortment of them
Basil, Fennel, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme , Lavender and Mints .

Vegetables ….Tomatoes ! Sweet 100, Celebrity , Yellow pear and more Peppers---- Jalapeno ,Habanero
Chili Pequin, and MORE! Swiss Chard …Beautiful and delicious

Scented Geraniums…. Lemon Rose, Rose, Fernleaf, and Snowflake Lemon

RAIN OR SHINE! Come early for best selection.
And, as always, all proceeds benefit the ongoing restoration and maintenance of
Southside Preservation Hall and the Rose Chapel.


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February 22, 2005

Mar 12, 2005 - Texas Gourd Society Spring Meeting

Growers sell dry, cleaned gourds at the front of the LCRA building and in the parking area. You can get seeds and plants, too. Box Lunches are $8. Contact Clara Willibey willibey@sbcglobal.net or 281-493-0117.You can bring your own lunch if you want, or skip lunch after a big breakfast.

The meeting starts with introductions and member voting for changes in the TGS Constitution and by-laws. Then you will vote for new officers for the coming 12 months. After a lunch break, the classes begin. There might be one or two more classes than those shown here.

Bob Schuetze will give planting and growing tips in his popular "Seeds to Sale" class.
Bev Tomek will demonstrate "Embossing Metal Images"
Eve Dewvall and Lelia Sublett will give a hands-on class on paint marbleizing effects.
Sue Haberer will present Health and Safety for Gourd Crafters.

From I-35, take the 6th street exit, and go west. Sixth Street is one-way and becomes Lake Austin Blvd, and will take you between the lake and a golf course. The driveway into the building is the first right turn after the traffic light at Red Bud Trail. Bring a friend or two.

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February 14, 2005

Feb 20, 2005 -- TGS Arlington Gourd Patch Monthly Meeting

TGS Arlington Gourd Patch monthly meeting February 20, 2005.
Dave Hodgson will present a talk on planting and growing gourds. Dave lives in Alvord, TX and grows gourds there; he has won competitions with gourds he has grown.
Also, Cindi Creswell will discuss the aspects of container-growing of gourds.
Refreshments. Raffle Items. Show-and-tell. Meeting at the Fielder House Museum, 1616 West Abram (Abram @ Division), Arlington, TX, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

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February 04, 2005

Community Gardens of Arlington

The next steering committee meeting will be held in the Ruby Room at
Hugh Smith Rec Center, 1815 New York, 7 Feb at 7pm. So far, there's been no word on our grant applications.

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Caught! (on camera, anyway)

I'm not very good at wildlife photography, but at least I had my camera with me when I saw the coyote this time. This picture was taken from the back of my yard, looking down into the woods and across the creek. The coyote seems to know I won't follow him there, so he'll usually stop and look me over once he's reached a safe distance. I suspect he's trying to decide if I'm dangerous or delicious (so far, the former has won out each time).

This is the view from my back porch. The compost pile (which may be what has attracted him to my yard in the first place) is to the left of the white chairs. This weekend I will need to make sure all the food scraps are buried. I swear he was right there by the chairs when I snapped this photo, but he moves fast -- and is perfectly camouflaged for the woods.

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February 01, 2005

Coyote (again!)

It looks like the coyote I saw this weekend is a resident and wasn't just passing through. I saw him again yesterday, and my next door neighbor saw him this morning just beyond her back deck.

I guess that explains why the possum that had been coming around my back deck every evening like clockwork no longer comes around.

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